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Webinar Recap: Managing Culture & Engagement Through Organizational Change

Digestible Tips for Leading Organizational Change

Leading change at any scale within your organization is difficult, whether you’re just trying to keep your desk cleaner or transitioning your team onto a new workflow process. In fact, 70% of organizational attempts to drive change fail. Why is organizational change so challenging? And how can you engage employees in committing to the change? CultureIQ’s very own Culture Strategist Rea Abrahams recently held a webinar with LifeLabs Learning’s Tania Luna on this very topic. Throughout the hour-long webinar, Rea and Tania covered:

  • How to understand change so that you can effectively lead it
  • Tips for keeping employees engaged when going through culture change
  • Brain-friendly tools and exercises for helping others understand and accept change
  • Best practices for communicating change

Watch the webinar below and read on for a recap of the discussion:

To Lead Organizational Change Effectively, First Understand It

However large or small your change is, the experience can feel uncomfortable. Organizational change requires employees to break habits, go outside of their comfort zone, or adopt a practice they wouldn’t necessarily adopt on their own.So, in order to effectively drive change, first understand that change won’t happen overnight (oh, how we wish we were wrong about that). It is a process that takes time. That process involves:

  • Unfreezing: Help employees loosen their perspectives and see your point of view.
  • Changing: Help employees change every step of the way.
  • Refreezing: Get the new changes to stick.

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How to Lead Organizational Change

Rea and Tania walked through a six-step change map for change. Here is an overview of the process. Or, you can watch the webinar or review the slides for the more detailed process.

  1. [Unfreeze] Collect feedback on how people feel about the area of change you’re hoping to implement.
  2. [Unfreeze] Craft a change pitch that acknowledges the change’s challenge, presents both an emotional and logical appeal for change, and creates urgency.
  3. [Change] Make it easy for employees! Reduce the cognitive load required to execute the change wherever possible.
  4. [Change] Design an early and visible win. By doing so, you’ll reinforce the change’s effectiveness and provide motivation to continue acting on the change.
  5. [Refreeze] Over-communicate the change. Focus on who is delivering your message, and how. And repeat your message across various channels and mediums.
  6. [Refreeze] Design simple cues or nudges that remind employees to uphold the change down the road.


How To Uphold Organizational Change

In order to uphold organizational change, Rea recommended four best practices. You can watch the webinar for examples.

  1. Connect the change to your business’s larger purpose.
  2. Ensure that leadership models the desired behaviors.
  3. Reinforce behaviors .
  4. Gather ongoing feedback.


And when asked what the one key to successful change efforts is? Our experts responded with: FOCUS. Remember, you can’t try to tackle this all at once and do it well (and maintain your sanity).


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