What Is an H.R. Hero?

H.R. Heroes CultureIQ Culture Comix - first issue

The heroes lighting up movie screens and children’s eyes often have the same things in common–underneath the super-cool costumes, they’re just ordinary people, often misunderstood and underappreciated. These secret heroes are given extraordinary powers to make life better for those around them, but they usually wield those superpowers with a heavy dose of humility and caution. It’s not their powers that make them heroic, it’s their humanity.

This is how the H.R. Hero rolls. When a company is in crisis, they are the first responders. H.R. Heroes are the guiding hands behind almost every transition and triumph in an organization’s lifetime. And they serve everyone—from the newest hire to the seasoned CEO.  All the while enduring an almost cinematic level of underappreciation and marginalization. Maybe that’s why some H.R. Heroes out there shy away from the spotlight. In her essay, “Be Your Own HR Hero,” author and HR consultant Laurie Ruettiman writes about what a tough sell it is to get CHROs to own their own HR successes, saying that “HR professionals should look for role models, seek out smart and compelling human resources professionals who have something to say, and never doubt themselves when it comes to their HR bona fides.”

We think HR’s bona fides should get a bigger shoutout—to everyone in their organizations, especially in the topmost tiers. HR has an elevated mission, and a crucial one—to be a strategic leader for companies grappling with greater transparency, higher customer expectations, increased employee mobility and a host of other pressing concerns. Company leaders around the world realize that good culture is the key ingredient in navigating  these issues, and culture determines how well they will succeed at meeting their strategic goals. Wise leaders understand that their HR teammates are the guardians and cultivators of good culture.

Many H.R. Heroes carry out their mission with flying colors–they fight for better workplaces, champion employees, and handle crises, all while facing demands from employees at every stage of their lifecycle. These heroes need to find each other, learn from each other, celebrate each other. And we at CultureIQ want to help. We’re launching the H.R. Heroes Awards to honor great accomplishments in HR, and to ensure its very important mission gets the recognition it deserves.

We hope you’ll be our trusty sidekick in this endeavor. Nominate the H.R. Hero who inspires you– and we’ll share your hero’s story. If their feats are astounding, they may also be honored in our H.R. Heroes of 2020 Awards event. Time to make sure the world knows about HR’s unsung superpowers. BAM!!!