Why Seasonal Workers Should Be Your New Best Friend

Seasonal Employees Value

The holidays are among us. It’s that time of year where businesses are booming and consumerism is at its peak. With business up and vacation requests flying in, it’s no surprise that organizations are staffing accordingly. Seasonal workers are the reason for the season as they allow companies to increase their business output without having to permanently expand their operations. That said, temp workers often get the short end of the attention stick when it comes to their induction into the workplace culture. Sure, they may not be permanent employees, however, organizations that invest in their seasonal workers benefit in more ways than one.

Maintaining Operational Standards

Let’s face it; employers want their operations to run on all cylinders consistently. It’s not a secret that employees fair better when they are engaged in the workplace. When organizations create an inclusive environment for all of their employees, they improve their workplace functions. Happy employees mean better service, which results in satisfied clients who will refer others to your business. Ensuring that seasonal workers receive the same type of mentoring and training will allow companies to maintain their standard of quality while driving the bottom line. Not to mention, you may find your next best employee.

An untapped talent resource

Perhaps the best perk of seasonal workers is the “try before you buy” experience. Think of temporary workers as an untapped talent pool resource where employers have the opportunity to see these workers in action before officially committing in a permanent capacity. “Seasonal employees need training on workplace policies, particularly since some workers will wind up becoming full-time employees,” noted attorney Diane Saunders, in a recent SHRM article. Use this time to engage with your seasonal team. Integrate them with your permanent employees and see how well they fit. Consider it as an investment, especially if some of your seasonal team does in fact become permanent. Lastly, seasonal employees can act as a brand ambassador for the organization.

Budget friendly PR

In the digital age, branding and employee culture is huge. One viral post can make or break your reputation. While you may not keep your seasonal team they have plenty of influence in terms of what they say about your company. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 69 percent of job seekers would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed. Satisfied seasonal workers have the ability to impact your brand by word of mouth to their peers, or posting a review on career sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed. This can lead to a boost in your company reputation, so treat your workers accordingly.In the quest to create a well-balanced work culture, seasonal employees have to be part of the equation. They help companies run smoothly during busy seasons. Some can move on to becoming a regular fixture within the company. They also can boost your reputation, in a positive or negative manner. Have a conversation with your management team on how to best engage your temporary workers. Your workplace culture will surely benefit from it.