Work Culture World Tour:
A longing look back

In 2019, we started up a little blog project called “The Work Culture World Tour,” a horizon-expanding series exploring business etiquette, customs and taboos all over this working world.

We were close to finishing our random hop around many nations when COVID-19 landed, and the last thing we thought we should do is promote more business travel. So we shut down the tour, just as the world was shutting down around us.

Pining for Pancake Week

But now, after three months of distancing and isolation, it feels like a good kind of nostalgia to resurface our tour, and celebrate all of the wonderful work cultures it brought to light – from mandatory drinking of South Korea, to vacation-day payoffs in Sweden, to warm kissy greetings (sigh) in Chile, and to the pinnacle of it all—that’s right, people-the breakfast binging, fist-fighting, effigy-burning extravaganza known as Pancake Week (browse around the archives to find out which nation created this marvel).

Someday, when the world is less viral, we’ll be back to finish our tour. And we all hope the world can eventually, and without fear, reinstate all of its socially affectionate business greetings. For now, we can dream, yearn and watch some cool videos in our look back at the Work Culture World Tour.

– Bon (virtual) voyage!


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