Work Culture World Tour:
New Zealand

New Zealand work culture world tourLet’s head down south of the hemisphere to the breathtaking realm of New Zealand, whose landscapes glittered in native son Peter Jackson’s “Lord of The Rings Trilogy.” New Zealand has the clearest water and one of the cleanest governments on Earth, absolutely no land snakes and a bird that loves tearing windshield wipers off of cars. It’s also a place that takes work-life balance seriously, and where, if you are unfortunate enough to be laid off, you can ease your pain with an emotional support clown.

This island nation is the 9th stop on our ’round-the-world video curation tour of work cultures in many nations. We invite you to join us, watch out for us on our social channels (#CultureCoordinates) and let us know what these videos get right-or don’t-about working in different countries.

The work culture has a real “laid backness”…

…where you’re judged more for ability than seniority

Fast Culture Facts for New Zealand


  • 4.7 million – with a low population density of 18 people per square kilometer. About 86 percent of New Zealanders live in or around its major cities, the largest being Auckland and Wellington.


  • 2.6 million – with a labor force participation rate of 70 percent—higher than the USA’s. Women make up about 48 percent of the workforce.


  • New Zealand’s GDP was 205 billion in 2018, with exports making up. 30 percent of GDP. Agriculture is the primary industry fueling New Zealand’s GDP. Manufacturing, tourism film production and winemaking are also in the mix.

Workforce Diversity:

  • Although it ranks high in terms of gender equality, the percentage of women in leadership is among the “worst in the world,” according to a report last year. The nation’s gender pay gap has held steady over the last 2 years at 9.3 percent. Employment and housing discrimination against LGBTQ people is illegal in New Zealand, and most other LGBTQ rights are protected, but conversion therapy remains legal.




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