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Work Culture World Tour:

The people in this historic Eastern European nation are just like everybody else in this world. Except for one thing: They eat bananas from the opposite end of the stem. Really. Welcome to Poland, which gave the world butter-drenched pierogis and the first “people’s pope.” Home of the oldest restaurant in Europe.  Cradle of scientific genius Marie Curie and brilliant composer Chopin. Where you should take the time to behold gorgeous scenery, and appreciate humor in the office.

Poland is the 12th stop on our ’round-the-world video curation tour of work cultures in many nations. We invite you to join us, watch out for us on our social channels (#CultureCoordinates) and let us know what these videos get right-or don’t-about working in different countries.

A generation gap at work, generous grandmas at home…

…handshakes in doorways and even numbers of flowers are taboo

Fast Culture Facts for Poland


  • 37.89 million – with a population density of 122 people per square kilometer, of which 61.5% of people live in urban areas. Poland is the 38th most populated country in the world.


  • 18.3 million – with a labor force participation rate of 56.3% – lower than the United States.  Women make up about 44.7% of the workforce.


  • Poland’s GDP was $585.78 billion in 2018, making it the eight largest economy in the European Union. The country has recorded constant economic growth in the past 26 years since its economy was liberalized in 1990 and even recorded growth during the 2008 recession. The largest industries in Poland are agriculture, manufacturing, energy and tourism.

Workforce Diversity:

  • Poland ranks 42nd overall in gender-equality, ahead of the U.S. The gender pay gap in Poland is around 9%, lower than the OECD average of 13.5% and substantially lower than the United States’ 18.2%. In terms of LGBTQ rights, Poland’s laws prohibit employment discrimination but only based on sexual orientation, not gender identity. Gay marriage is not recognized.




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