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Work Culture World Tour:

Spain work culture world tour lead artWe travel now to the historic and beautiful Kingdom of Spain, which gave the world its second most widely spoken language and these firsts: the novel (Don Quixote -part one- in 1605), the astronaut suit, and the omnipresent mop and bucket. That’s all well and good, you might say, but what about nudity? Is it legal in Spain? Yes. Yes it is. But at the office, the culture is all about structure and leadership. And clothes.

Spain is the 18th destination on our ’round-the-world video curation tour of work cultures in many nations. We invite you to join us, watch out for us on our social channels (#CultureCoordinates) and let us know what these videos get right-or don’t-about working in different countries.

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Fast Culture Facts for Spain


  • 46.7 million, with a relatively low population density of 91.4 people per square kilometer. Much of the population lives in urban areas—the largest population centers being Madrid and Barcelona.


  •  22.7 million – with a labor force participation rate of 57.9%­– lower than that of the United States.  Women make up a about 46% of the workforce.


  • Spain’s GDP reached $1.4 trillion in 2018, making it the 14th largest economy in the world, and the 5thlargest in the EU. About 74% of GDP comes from Spain’s services sector, with tourism a strong contributor—making up over 14% of the nation’s GDP and accounting for more than 14% of all jobs. Industry follows at 23 percent, and then agriculture at 2.6 percent. Spain’s economy is relatively healthy, but faces headwinds from internal political divisions, and external trade tensions.

Workforce Diversity:

  • Spain ranks 29th overall in gender equality. Women earn about 13% less than men for similar work. Spain is culturally diverse, with a recent report showing that 1 in 5 babies born in the nation had at least one foreign parent. There is growing anti-immigrant sentiment, and Moroccans, which make up a large portion of Spain’s immigrant population, have faced housing and employment discrimination. Spain has enacted laws banning employment discrimination based gender identity and sexual orientation, and gay marriage is legal, but the nation has slid in EU rankings of respect for LGBTQ rights because many of its 17 autonomous regions lack some protections.


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