Your data tells a story: Our platform helps you read it clearly, and quickly

There are two sides to the employee survey picture: First, an often head-spinning amount of data, and second, the really valuable information tucked somewhere in that haystack of numbers and sentiments.

Your platform is the means to collect your data, but its most important (and trickiest) job is to present that data so that you can easily find those treasures within it.  CultureIQ’s technologists, strategists and designers have created a powerful, flexible survey platform that accomplishes that mission – creating a clear path and tools for you to design a culture that meets your business goals-whatever level of transformation you’re aiming to achieve.

Tools to quickly get you on target

Our platform’s tools take you through a three-step method that allows you to identify your current culture’s strengths and gaps, assess the root causes of issues, and build the right culture to fit your business strategy.

Some of our platform tools that light a clear path for your ideal culture include:

  • Simple survey designs you can create in minutes from our templates and questions, or your own.
  • Surveys employees can take anywhere, and in multiple formats, to ensure better response rates and more accurate results
  • An interactive dashboard with high-level views and capability for quick comparisons across groups
  • Driver analysis to see relationships between different elements of culture
  • Text analysis for open-ended comments
  • PowerPoint exports for quick presentations
  • Action plan reporting tools to monitor progress

There’s a lot more to our data story. Get a full view of what the our platform can do to create a culture that will take your business to the next level. Download our full platform overview now, and schedule some time to get a free demo to see how easy it can be to find the gems that can activate your best culture!

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