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Air Canada

Building Air Canada’s ‘Win As One’ Culture

When Air Canada needed to build a more agile, collaborative and communicative culture, they decided to partner with CultureIQ.

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"The insights on how we compare to top performing companies was valuable.  I also appreciate that the strategists look at your business strategy and results, and provide advice on the top 3-4 items that will move the needle the most when looking at areas for improvement."

Suzanne Sanchez - Chief Human Resources Officer
Suzanne Sanchez - Chief Human Resources Officer

Empower Retirement

"Good on CultureIQ – love the forward thinking!" – on our Coronavirus Safety Assessment survey, launched March 3.

"The people we work with (are) fantastic.  They clearly know their stuff and are committed to our company."

"I’ve already started seeing a really big shift – our people have a much better sense of how they’re doing, which helps us shift to a performance culture. We can resolve issues as they happen, and ultimately that leads to a higher performing business – we can do better financially and have happier people in the process."

Sam Watson
Sam Watson

CEO, Southern Spars Group

"This is exactly what we need right now. Thank you."

Jackie Hazan
Jackie Hazan

VP of People and Operations, EditShare, on the CultureIQ Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey

"CultureIQ always helps come up with solutions to our issues and consults with us about what works for other companies like us. …I would recommend. And that is because of the people who work there. They are very accommodating, professional, responsive and knowledgeable."

“It’s really the whole package. You guys have the global experience, and a really robust tool. You have the know how to help a company get it done well.”

All of our business metrics are doing exceptionally well, and I think that definitely aligns with helping us shift the culture and remove a lot of the bureaucracy and process inefficiency, and give people the tools they need to do their job. We’ve seen the result and the impact on our top and bottom lines.

Narelle Beurle
Narelle Beurle

Head of Organisational Development & Change/CitiPower and Powercor

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