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A Strong Culture: It's Not What You Think

Your company culture doesn't come from monthly massages or kombucha on tap. It comes from conscious decisions based on your willingness to listen.

Harness the power of technology, strategy, and human analytics to make more impactful decisions about your team. Collect employee feedback, analyze the results and strategize with our experts to close the gap between what you have now and where you want to be.

CultureIQ... your team's secret to success


To impact culture, you have to listen at all levels. Identify your strengths via survey feedback, add custom questions, and track changes over time.


Get a clear view of where you need help and where you're good to go. See your CultureIQ score, eNPS, and Quality Strength. Filter by location, team, and category.


Shareable reports and presentation generators mean you can actually do something with your data. Thank the team, partner with experts and start moving the needle towards creating the culture you're proud of.

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About the CultureIQ platform

We're the only culture management platform that helps you actually make progress on:

  • Happier teams
  • Better retention
  • Creative problem solving
  • Lower attrition
  • Increased sales
  • More productive people

There's more to culture than numbers

Survey collection without direction isn't enough. we'll arm you with real-time updates and ongoing support to steer your culture exactly where you want it to go. Use your data to create a business worth working for.

Don't just take our word for it

“Most importantly, utilizing CultureIQ has shown our employees that their feedback is important to us.”

Jacque Kress
SMS Assist

“CultureIQ has been great. I believe all companies can benefit from engaging with their culture in this way.”

Ned Taleb

“CultureIQ has been such a meaningful tool for MailChimp. The surveys have helped us improve our internal communication across the board, and employees appreciate the opportunity to share feedback throughout the year. And the customer service is amazing!”

Marti Wolf

“CultureIQ provides our companies with the ability to measure, assess, and take timely and appropriate actions in addressing the engagement of our rapidly growing and evolving global workforce.”

Christina Ptasinski
Crane Companies

“CultureIQ has been a simple, user-friendly and easy to navigate tool that allows us insights into our employees around the globe.”

Allison Down
General Assembly

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