December 27, 2019 | London, UK

Business Culture Awards

The Business Culture Awards gives forward-thinking organisations a way to celebrate work which sets up their employees to succeed – recognising how their people’s employment experience is fundamental to business performance. Many organisations have created and implemented specific projects which have a positive impact on aspects of their culture – increasing purpose, pride, collaboration or learning by example. By advancing or transforming your workplace culture, and then ensuring you communicate this broadly, you are:

  • Creating a sustainable competitive advantage that is much harder to imitate than your products or services.
  • Focusing on your employee engagement, one of your leading metrics of organisational performance.
  • Applying an effective channel to promote, within and outside of your sector, how your company values its unique culture and its people.
  • Gaining access to the powerful Business Culture network and community, which comprises leading practitioners and thinkers in HR and business.
  • Demonstrating value to your investors or stakeholders by aligning a stand-out customer brand to an exceptional employer brand.