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Good for People.
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Driving Outstanding Culture & Performance through Change

Business Culture Club Event
“Driving Outstanding Culture & Performance through Change”
17 July, 2019, 6.30-8.30pm | Dr. Martens, 28 Jamestown Rd, Camden, London NW1 7HW


Sheridan Orr

Vice President, Marketing, CultureIQ

CultureIQ is a global culture management company empowering organisations to transform their culture into competitive advantage. Sheridan has worked with brands like Starbucks, T-Mobile, Standard Charter and Macy’s to align their brand, culture and customer experience. She’ll share stories of how these three are indelibly linked and what companies can do to align them with their business strategy.

CultureIQ are Principal Partners of the Business Culture Awards.


Holly Smith

Chief Culture Vulture, Dr. Martens

In 2013, a retail turnaround specialist acquired Dr. Martens, imposing tough targets and forcing many starters, movers and shakers across the business. Dr. Martens’ strong brand identity and independent culture was at risk of dilution. Holly will share the powerful story of how Dr. Martens identified and articulated the business’s global strategy and increased communication to help preserve and evolve their internal culture without losing their soul.

Dr. Martens are Business Culture Award Winners, Medium Organisation Category 2019.


Lena Tailor

Group Head of Talent, innocent drinks

In the space of almost two decades, innocent drinks have grown from London smoothie seller to European super-brand. Having spent the last 7 years with the company, Lena has played an integral role in shaping their talent approach, transforming the way people now perceive their progression and development within innocent and impacting on engagement and attrition.



18:00-18:30 Arrival & Networking
18:30-18:40 Welcome by Holly Smith, Dr. Martens & Cath Longfield, Head of Marketing, Business Culture Awards
18:40-19:00 Holly Smith, Dr. Martens, “Our ‘Rebellious Self-Expression’: Dr. Marten’s Journey Back to Performance”
19:05-19:20 Sheridan Orr, CultureIQ, “The Intersection of Brand & Culture”
19:25-19:45 Lena Tailor, innocent drinks, “Your Future: Transforming Career Progression and Development at innocent”
19:45-20:30 Wrap-Up, Drinks & Networking


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