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What is CultureIQ?

CultureIQ is a platform that enables organizations to make positive, measurable changes to their culture, and a community that connects peers and experts around the topic of culture.

How does your pricing work?

For companies under 500, CultureIQ is available through an annual licensing fee based on the number of employees and the service package you choose. For companies over 500, we work together to design a custom package that addresses your needs.

What does the annual subscription include?

The annual subscription always includes full access to the CultureIQ software, methodology, and resources. For an additional cost, you can work with a dedicated Culture Strategist to help you engage and strengthen your culture. This partnership can include in-depth results analysis, executive alignment discussions, and action planning support.


I hear everyone talking about employee engagement, but should I be focusing on culture instead?

Both are important! However, engagement is just one part of culture. We believe that company culture is a more effective, holistic lens through which to understand your organization. Culture is how things get done in an organization, while employee engagement is an outcome of having a strong company culture. In other words, the stronger a company’s culture, the better employees understand what is expected of them and what they are working towards. They’re also more likely to develop a passionate commitment to a company. Other benefits follow this as well, this includes higher productivity, better customer relations, lower turnover, etc. Therefore, by focusing on company culture you’re addressing the root of the situation, and not just the symptoms. We’ll identify parts that are working and parts that you can improve. We’ll also work with you to identify the right culture for YOUR company.

What is a strong culture?

CultureIQ focuses on helping companies build a high-performance culture, which is the culture of an organization that financially outperforms its peers over time. We determined 10 measureable qualities common to high-performance organizations, and the Core CultureIQ Survey allows you to measure your company culture by collecting feedback on these 10 qualities, an employee Net Promoter question, and strategic culture dimensions. We combine this into an overall CultureIQ Score.

How did you develop your methodology?

We refined our model using research, interviewing hundreds of companies, our CEO’s experience teaching these topics at New York University, and our leadership roles in Fortune 500 organizations as well as high-growth small and medium-sized companies.


Are your surveys anonymous?

They sure are! We are dedicated to making CultureIQ a safe and comfortable experience for all users. If you are interested in learning about the steps we take to protect employee anonymity, please read the CultureIQ Anonymity Policy. We do offer opportunities to collect non-anonymous feedback through what we call “Known Surveys.” In these instances, we make it clear to survey takers that the Anonymity Policy does not apply.

What if my employee base doesn’t have regular access to a computer to access surveys?

Only admin users need to log into the software, and all surveys are fully mobile and tablet compatible, so your traveling employees can take the survey on-the-go! We also have the option for employees to receive surveys through text messages or to set up a shared terminal with the survey. The admin-facing CultureIQ software is only available on desktop.

Does CultureIQ work on any browser?

CultureIQ works on any of the latest browser versions (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer).