How to Get Employee Satisfaction Back on Track

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Take a moment to envision your organization in your mind. What is your gut feeling?

If there was optimism, great! If you felt a little dread, it’s time to open up the hood of your work culture. More to the point, if you feel anguish about the state of your organization, imagine what your employees feel. If you’re struggling to raise your approval ratings at work, here are some tips to help get employee satisfaction back on the right track.

Define the culture

As we regularly discuss, having an identifiable culture is important. After all, your culture is the DNA and backbone of the organization. The core values have to be consistent with your behavior. If your brand’s claim to fame is being warm and inviting, make sure that’s what you are. Otherwise, you’ll be sending a mixed, and often discouraging, signal to your team.

Fuse personal and professional objectives

It’s nearly impossible for people to completely separate their work and personal lives. Wise leaders know that merging the two interests works for all parties involved. If your team likes to volunteer, find a cause. If they love animals (who doesn’t?), plan something animal-inspired. Whatever the case may be– find what resonates with your people and create innovative ways to engage people “on their level.”

Treat everyone like people

Think about the positive relationships in your life, and consider what elements make them so successful. Chances are words like support, trust, and respect come to mind. Apply some of those components to working with your team, so that you understand them as people, not just employees


Sometimes you have to get back to the basics to get employee satisfaction on the right track. But at the end of the day, think about the benefits of creating an environment where people truly enjoy coming into work. 

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