Culture initiatives often fail to make a true impact due to four primary reasons:

They lack a “why”: Culture work isn’t aligned with business goals.

There’s no direction: Leaders start gathering data without clarity as to which culture areas are most important to assess.

They go too big: Too much broad surveying is done vs. deploying a test-and learn approach.

Results are too cloudy: The data reveals no explicit path to take to improve culture gaps.

Our approach remedies each of these issues with three easily understood steps:


Start With Your Why,
Then Focus

Link culture work to organizational objectives, then apply our framework to pinpoint the critical components of your unique culture.

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Prioritize Your Efforts
& Get a Quick Read

Get a first look at which culture components are thriving – and which will put key objectives at risk.

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Understand at Depth
& Act with Precision

Conduct a full census survey that breaks down trouble areas and identifies opportunities for improvement, then enable specific actions to implement.

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Enhance data gathering given your organization’s specific needs

Supplemental Set Up

Import additional waves of historical qualitative and/or quantitative data from outside sources.


Survey employees who don’t have access to  electronic devices. 

Survey Invitation Card (PIN Card)

Use PIN cards to send survey login information to employees who have electronic devices but can’t receive email invitations.


Provide additional normative information (country-based) and survey administration languages.

Multilingual Reporting

 Provide reports in additional languages other than English. 

Data Customization

Send a raw data file that meets confidentiality rules, an aggregated data file and custom groups for extra data and analytics needs.

Business Linkage Research

Show relationship between survey results & key metrics, like profitability and customer satisfaction, with advanced statistical analysis.

Comment Analytics Research

Customize comment analysis process to explore subcategory data more deeply or develop non-standard question models/custom models.

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