CultureBaseline™: Get a quick read on organizational culture

Once your organization’s CultureTarget is in hand, the process of gathering data and information from employees can begin.

The second stage of the CultureIQ approach – CultureBaseline™ – allows leaders to quickly assess the current state of culture elements that are most critical to their organization and prepares them for more focused and detailed data gathering and ultimately, execution.

CultureBaseline™ is a lighter-weight, easy-to-deploy survey with a singular purpose: It highlights areas that should be the focus for the broader and deeper data gathering that takes place in CultureLaunch™, the third phase of our approach. Upon fielding – which often requires only days or weeks to execute vs. months – CultureBaseline™ will provide insight that sorts the components in your CultureTarget™ into two categories: 

  • Safe. Culture components that are strong compared to the norms in the benchmark of your choice (high-performing companies, industries, geographies). While safe components can always be improved, their limited upside means even significant time and effort spent on them will yield less movement toward the target culture. 
  • Opportunity. Culture components that are areas of opportunity compared to relevant benchmarks and thus pose the greatest threat to the achievement of your ideal culture. Opportunity components will provide the biggest uplift if understood in greater depth and ultimately acted upon with vigor.

With limited budgets and human capital typically available to take action, every organization is wise to follow a process that continues to isolate their critical components of culture and then action those that will make the biggest difference. In addition, more relevant data gathering will speed analysis and interpretation, and help to avoid survey fatigue.

Our program managers and culture strategists will work with your team during the CultureBaseline™ stage to select the proper questions and survey techniques that allow you to generate sound results from your employee population.

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