CultureLaunch™: Understand culture at depth, and improve it

With a strategic approach and greater focus now powering your organization’s culture efforts, you’re ready to gather and analyze data at a more granular level and then to act with precision.

The final stage of the CultureIQ approach – CultureLaunch™ – begins by drilling down into the opportunity areas of your culture identified in CultureBaseline™. This is accomplished by fielding a survey with targeted, deeper content and using the CultureIQ platform to provide insight into the specific parts of your employee population where opportunity areas are most critical.

For example, your organization may have a planned strategy of innovation driving its growth. Through our research, we know that the components of the CultureIQ framework that will be most critical to study will be dignity, purpose, curiosity, collaboration and agility. Upon running our CultureBaseline™ survey, we find that dignity, collaboration and agility are strong compared to key benchmarks, while purpose and curiosity are not.

By studying purpose and curiosity more deeply, we find that purpose is a significant issue among hourly U.S. employees, mainly because these employees believe that senior leadership is doing a poor job of clearly communicating the organization’s vision. Issues with curiosity, on the other hand, are concentrated among employees outside of the U.S., mostly due to a perception that senior leaders are not open to new ways of working, and people who suggest change are seen as just being negative.

Think about the accuracy with which executives in this hypothetical company now can act. By doing the proper work before a larger survey was ever fielded, they know that addressing the opportunity areas will drive cultural improvements that are tied to strategy. By moving past generic comparisons of indices against benchmarks to really get to the root of problems, they can target action planning and programs to mitigate specific issues within specific segments of the population.

With this insight now in hand, our Culture Strategists – all of them I/O psychologists – are able to work with this team on everything from properly communicating survey results to creating action plans, prescribing future opportunities and tracking progress. Our balance of people with software makes sure you’re never left on your own to determine what to do next – or how to do it.

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