Our Culture Solutions team is filled with experienced organizational psychologists,
data scientists, authors, PhDs and MBAs who specialize in
transforming businesses through culture.

Our experts will help you identify your ideal target culture, develop the proper survey questions to get the right feedback, analyze that feedback, achieve leadership buy-in and guide you through long-term action planning.

In addition, we offer a CultureReadout program in which our strategists are available to conduct customized workshops if you want more in-depth expertise in analyzing data and creating action plans.



Cathy Maraist

Head of Culture Solutions

“My passion is partnering with our customers to strengthen their organizational culture. It’s deeply gratifying to work together with my team to develop these partnerships and see them result in business successes.

I’m inspired by the way our customers are listening to their employees and taking meaningful actions based on their feedback.”

Our Clients Say

“Good on CultureIQ – love the forward thinking!” – on our Coronavirus Safety Assessment survey, launched March 3.

“The people we work with (are) fantastic.  They clearly know their stuff and are committed to our company.”

“The insights on how we compare to top performing companies was valuable.  I also appreciate that the strategists look at your business strategy and results, and provide advice on the top 3-4 items that will move the needle the most when looking at areas for improvement.”

Suzanne Sanchez - Chief Human Resources Officer
Suzanne Sanchez – Chief Human Resources Officer

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