Our technology offers flexible data gathering options, highlights key opportunity areas, and empowers your leaders to act on insights.

Survey Any Way

  • Right Questions

    Create a survey in minutes using one of our pre-designed templates, extensive question library, your historical questions, or simply building from scratch.

  • Right Time

    Schedule survey by geo location.

  • Right Place

    Offer surveys wherever your employees are — mobile, desktop or even on paper.

  • Right Language

    25+ languages fully supported.

  • Right Type

    Annual census, pulse surveys, lifecycle surveys.

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Dive into Data

  • Benchmarks

    See how your culture stacks up against industry peers and other high-performing organizations by comparing your results to our benchmarked data or historical data of your own.

  • Score Grid Heatmap

    Compare sentiment across demographic segments to quickly uncover opportunities and strengths.

  • Text Analytics

    Turn open-ended feedback into actionable insights, by utilizing natural language processing to extract key themes and employee sentiment associated with different topics.

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Take Action

  • Action Planning

    In one click add recommended actions for underperforming items, leverage best practices, view manager progress in planning and implementation, tap into learning resources to develop skills, and add partners to promote collaboration and accountability.

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All of our business metrics are doing exceptionally well, and I think that definitely aligns with helping us shift the culture and remove a lot of the bureaucracy and process inefficiency, and give people the tools they need to do their job. We’ve seen the result and the impact on our top and bottom lines.

Narelle Beurle
Narelle Beurle

Head of Organisational Development & Change/CitiPower and Powercor

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