Our Model

Gain Insights

CultureIQ analytics are designed to help you identify key opportunities and make smart, data-driven decisions.

Communicate Feedback

Sharing findings with the team is an important step in establishing alignment and buy-in for change efforts.

Respond to Feedback

Using this valuable insight, you can now make positive, measurable changes to your culture. Measure the impact, refine, and iterate from there.



Everyone loves company culture. And (almost) everyone appreciates good analytics. The challenge, until now, has been bringing the two together in a meaningful way.

We make it possible for you to measure, track, and impact culture, and it all starts with listening at all levels. Whether your company culture is at the top of its game or crying for help, our feedback framework makes measuring employee engagement easy. Our software gives every employee a voice and organizations the tools to listen.
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CultureIQ Surveys

Identify your culture strengths and opportunities across 10 qualities of high-performance cultures. Understand what you’re working with and where you can make the greatest impact.

Custom survey

Custom Surveys

Looking for feedback on an initiative? Ideas for improving the recruiting process? Or maybe you need insight into what’s driving employee stress. Eliminate the guesswork by engaging the team along the way.
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Trend Questions

How much did the office move affect morale? Is communication improving over time? Truly keep a pulse on employee sentiment throughout the year and identify trends over time… without crowding everyone’s inbox.
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The most meaningful feedback comes from a place of trust. As your partner in this process, we are committed to protecting the anonymity of employees at every turn so that we all can rest easy at night.
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Every company has a story to tell, and we help you tell yours. Whether you want to dive into something specific or are trying to determine where to start, our analytics platform provides the insights to help you make data-driven, people-centric decisions to drive toward success.

Understand the 50,000 foot view of your culture and continue to zoom in from there. Our analytics were designed with action in mind, so that you can quickly identify strengths and opportunities at all levels.

As a warning, we have been told that the data can be addicting.
CIQ score
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CultureIQ Score

The CultureIQ Score is a succinct summary of your culture’s strength. See how your company performs over time and how it compares to other organizations.
quality scores

Quality Strength Score

Focus is key. Use your quality strength scores help you prioritize. Celebrate your strengths and establish focus.
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Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Understand how your culture strengths and opportunities translates into employee loyalty and advocacy. Listen for trends and course correct to stay ahead of the game.
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Filter Grid

How do remote employees feel about the company’s communication? Do middle managers feel like they can move ideas through the organization? The filter grid makes it easy for you to actively and quickly identify key data points.
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Detailed Results

Dive into the specifics, slice and dice the data to your liking, and dig into employee comments. Who knows what patterns you’ll find, what insights you’ll gain, and what ideas you’ll discover!
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Culture is a team effort. What’s more, it is a dynamic team effort. Employees change, your industry changes, and your product might even change. Culture is so interwoven with all of those elements, that it too will inevitably change.

To drive toward the results you want -- engagement, retention, productivity, the list goes on-- strengthening your culture needs to be an ongoing process. A process where you can celebrate your strengths and motivate change together. We designed the CultureIQ platform with this mind. Because remember, you’re not in this alone. Culture is a team effort.
Presentation Generator
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Presentation Generator

We believe there is no such thing as survey fatigue, only inaction fatigue. Show the team that you are listening by thanking everyone for their time and sharing key findings.
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Shareable Reports

Share findings with key stakeholders. Has Joanna from Sales requested a report of the team’s culture profile across locations? Not a problem. We’ve got your back, in only a few clicks.
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Culture Partnership

There is no cookie-cutter culture solution. Our Culture Strategy team can partner with you to assess your challenges and guide you through a tailored program to strengthen your culture.

Strategy Services

While we believe culture is an ongoing journey, we have a strong focus on outcomes. Our Culture Strategists are trained to dig into your data, facilitate alignment discussions, and support with action planning to get your culture where it needs to be.
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Case Studies:

  • US-Nandos-logo

    With a growing team distributed among multiple restaurant locations, Nando’s Peri-Peri uses CultureIQ to maintain their culture secret sauce as they scale.

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  • sms-tech-logo-notag-51614_300x150

    SMS Assist turned to CultureIQ to help enhance their feedback efforts and track their culture metrics on a quarterly basis to proactively strengthen their culture.

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  • Vology-Logo

    Rapid growth led Vology to work with us to continuously monitor sentiment and involve employee feedback in key decisions.

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