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CultureIQ is the only survey of its kind—benchmarked against high-performance organizations and responsive to your unique strategic goals

The CultureIQ framework

CultureIQ looks at both your operational and strategic culture to help you understand and strengthen your organization based on external benchmarks and internal strategy.


Operational culture measures benchmarkable culture qualities common to high performance organizations.

Great cultures score high on things like accountability, collaboration, communication.

Our core survey builds on the traditional employee engagement survey, tracking 10 core qualities for an objective measurement on where your business stands.

Designed by expert survey writers and fully benchmarked, this core survey takes under 10 minutes to complete.


Strategic culture measures culture qualities unique and specific to your organization.

There are no right or wrong answers here. We simply assess where you land vs. where leadership wants you to land.

For example, a bank may want employees to be risk averse and process oriented, while a fast-growing startup may want employees to feel comfortable taking risks and developing their own processes.

This survey reveals where you stand in terms of your unique goals.

The full culture survey has 29 questions, of which 18 can be edited or removed. It has been translated into 20+ languages and takes under 10 minutes to complete. Strategic surveys are completely customizable.

A suite of features to support and expand your ongoing culture programs

Flexible surveys that sound like you

Out-of-the-box surveys can be dry and clash with your company’s tone. Our surveys are infinitely customizable, and we’ll never charge you extra fees for adding questions

Full control over how you talk to your team

Design your own questions, change categories, and tweak phrasing: Our goal is to help you design a survey that meets your objectives.

Our strategy team will hold your hand along the way, making sure your survey gets the answers you need while making it sound like something you’d actually write.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Lightweight pulse surveys help you identify morale shifts as they happen. No more waiting months for data or diving into an ocean of feedback from a cumbersome annual survey.

Culture happens more than once per year

Culture is continuous—that’s why CultureIQ is designed for year-round use.

Pulse surveys collect ongoing feedback, letting you immediately evaluate your latest initiative. Pinpoint problems, measure successes, and gain the flexibility to course correct on everything from a new benefits program to your recent merger.

Collect a record number of responses

You can’t get the insights you want without the data you need. Our survey is available in 20+ languages and intuitively structured for employees of all ages, backgrounds and departments, resulting in extremely high response rates.

Software everyone will want to use

CultureIQ features big, easy-to-select buttons and stunning design. Plus, unlike old-school employee engagement tools, it takes just minutes to complete.

Our reminder tool sends automated reminders to anyone who hasn’t yet completed the survey. And once you’ve collected those responses, you can share reports, high-level feedback and responses—all anonymous, of course—with just the click of a button.

“Our employees are out in their plant, and they come in filthy, with coal dust. They’re out sweating in a 100-degree temperatures doing maintenance work… And yet they still took the time to complete our survey.”

Collect as much feedback as you want—without survey fatigue

Trend questions help you track down information without making your team say, “Oh no, another survey?”

Identify trends over time

Instead of asking all team members the same question, we’ll spread things out, sending enough people each question to hit the confidence levels for a valid answer.

This feature is perfect for larger organizations that want to collect feedback across different issues without overwhelming employees with emails.

Our Strategy Team

Your partner in improving your company culture

Benchmarked surveys are an incredible tool. But it’s not enough to simply say, “You’re a 70, and your competitor over there is a 90.”

“Great. What’s next?”

You need context, a sounding board and a team of experts. With CultureIQ, you don’t just get a score—you get a project plan.

Here’s what our clients count on:

  • An expert partner throughout your survey creation, analysis and follow-up
  • A cohesive story: we sift through thousands of data points and pull out what really matters
  • Year-round support as you implement new culture programs
  • An unbiased pair of eyes focused on the heart of your business
  • Digestible insights into data that helps you measure employee engagement
  • An external lens that keeps you and your team accountable


Ready To Make Culture Your Competitive Advantage?

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CultureIQ is more than just software – when you partner with us, you get a team of strategists propelling you to success. Contact us for details and pricing.

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“Most importantly, utilizing CultureIQ has shown our employees that their feedback is important to us.”

Jacque Kress
SMS Assist

“CultureIQ has been great. I believe all companies can benefit from engaging with their culture in this way.”

Ned Taleb

“CultureIQ has been such a meaningful tool for MailChimp. The surveys have helped us improve our internal communication across the board, and employees appreciate the opportunity to share feedback throughout the year. And the customer service is amazing!”

Marti Wolf

“CultureIQ provides our companies with the ability to measure, assess, and take timely and appropriate actions in addressing the engagement of our rapidly growing and evolving global workforce.”

Christina Ptasinski
Crane Companies

“CultureIQ has been a simple, user-friendly and easy to navigate tool that allows us insights into our employees around the globe.”

Allison Down
General Assembly

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