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CultureIQ has guidance and tools to help you reduce business risks from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

DOWNLOAD: Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey – Phase 2 covers all COVID work scenarios

The always-changing pandemic landscape means more than ever, leaders need to know how their employees carry out–and feel about–their work, whether they’re returning to to offices and jobs sites, already back, or never left. This update of the CBRS covers all of these scenarios and includes questions around agility, health, safety, collaboration and many others. This version of the survey can be used in full, or as a targeted and/or pulse survey.

COVID-19 coronavirus- special report

CEO LETTER: CultureIQ’s Tony Jaros announces release of Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey

‘Difficult days are now upon us, ones that will test the durability of the relationships we built with our workforces in times that were gentler,” Jaros says in announcing the new survey that will help you “understand how well your organization’s culture is holding up in the face of massive, highly disruptive changes in working conditions.”

DOWNLOAD: Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey

Now more than ever, businesses need to put out the fires that the COVID-19 pandemic has created in their organizations–but they have to find them first. That’s why we’ve created the Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey (CBRS), available to all of our clients via the CultureIQ platform–in a highly customizable version, and to the public via download. The survey can be used in full, or users can create shorter pulse surveys or targeted surveys from the questions.

ESSAY: Our survey helps meet employees’ needs when you need them the most

Culture IQ Principal Strategist Paul M. Mastrangelo explains why the CBRS survey is so vital to companies trying to stabilize, build and re-build during the coronavirus pandemic.

GUIDE: For CultureIQ clients on how to access the CBRS

Step by step instructions that lead you to the survey on the CultureIQ  platform, and instructions on how to  start customizing it to fit your organization’s needs.

UPDATED SURVEY: CultureIQ Virus Protection Assessment

We encourage you to use this free survey in your organization, and share with others who may also be concerned about their company’s culture of safety when it comes to COVID-19. Survey available in article text and PDF form, and it has been updated to reflect that millions of employees now work remotely.

QUIZ: Keep us safe: A really easy coronavirus test for your workplace

A quiz designed to educate employees about healthy and risky work behaviors while creating some buzz or “water cooler” talk about precautions that can be organized now.

ARTICLE: Culture Challenges: How to stop a COVID-19 outbreak from breaking your business

There are four challenges to altering the behaviors of workers (and quite possibly customers and other people who interact with your workers) amid the coronavirus outbreak. We offer health and some culture recommendations to overcome them.

ACTION PLAN: We need change leaders to save lives: Can you be one?

The need to change social norms and lead by example has never been greater, as the risks for a COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic grow. Here’s how you can lead crucial changes in your organization.


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