March UI Update – Filter Browser

We are excited to announce key new product enhancements available as of March 17, 2020. The key product enhancements you can take advantage of with this release are listed below:

Before & After Interactive 



Release Notes:  

We’ve updated the look and feel of our filter browser modal. You will now see an updated design as well as enhancements to the experience itself:

  • Design: We’ve updated our filter browser to make it much more modern and intuitive! 

  • Tabs: Our dedicated product team has broken out Demographics, Hierarchy, Surveys, Comparisons and Benchmarks into their very own tabs. This will allow you to quickly find exactly the data your looking to filter. 

  • Search Functionality: Now, when searching for a demographic, hierarchy, survey or benchmark. You have the ability to apply the filter right within the search tool.

  • Manager View: We’ve updated the manager experience to move over several features into our filter browser:
    • 1. Demographic Groups: A manager will no longer see the checkboxes when toggling between their demographics or hierarchy. Instead, they’ll see their default category – Then, will be able to toggle between the demographics and hierarchy within the filter browser modal.In the example below, the manager has access to three different managers. However, their default view is just Malissa Ehrhardt. If they would like to view the other managers, they can click into their Filter A and select which manager they would like to view by selecting them in the ‘Hierarchy base node’ section.
                            2. Reference Filters: A manager will no longer see the dropdown menu for reference filters. Instead, once they click into their filter, they will see a ‘Comparisons’ tab where they can toggle between their reference filters.