Cathy Maraist

"My passion is partnering with our customers to strengthen their organizational culture. It’s deeply gratifying to work together with my team to develop these partnerships and see them result in business successes. I’m inspired by the way our customers are listening to their employees and taking meaningful actions based on their feedback."

Cathy Maraist

Head of Culture Solutions

Cathy Maraist, Head of Culture Solutions at CultureIQ, is responsible for guiding the solutions group, which is focused on delivering culture and employee listening programs. She is passionate about providing industry-leading service to our clients, and offering the best solutions and service to drive positive organizational culture change and to cultivate organizational culture.

Cathy consults with organizations to develop, enhance, and expand holistic employee listening programs. She has many long-standing consulting relationships with large Fortune 500 companies and is committed to providing her clients with data-driven action steps necessary to drive change in their organizations. Cathy also played an integral role in pioneering the text analytics approach featured in CultureIQ’s platform, and her work has led to deeper insights by client organizations through this active employee listening offering.

In addition to her survey research experience, Cathy has worked in the areas of selection and assessment, including the development, implementation, and validation of employee selection systems as well as individual assessment and assessment center work. She also has delivered 360-degree coaching sessions to leaders and executives enabling them to take action to improve their leadership effectiveness.

Cathy earned her Ph.D. degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Tulane University, and is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Association.

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