Christopher Beach

"We’re working hard to provide our clients with a sense of delight and purpose through a combination of innovative data insights and intuitive interfaces that delight and drive to the results that enable their cultural oasis."

Christopher Beach


Christopher Beach is the Vice President of Engineering at CultureIQ and leads the engineering team responsible for the development of our platform to enable change and delight our clients.

Chris brings over 20 years of experience building high-performance technology teams and platforms in the digital advertising and finance industries. Prior to joining CultureIQ, Chris served as Chief Technology Officer of MediaBrix, doubling the team whilst working on a bottoms-up revamp of the core advertising platform, and Vice President of Engineering of Verve after their acquisition of MediaBrix.

Chris also served as a Technology Director for Huge, working with ExxonMobil to build out an internal knowledge management tool and the Shorty award nominated site,, and as Senior Director of Engineering at Vibrant Media, the leader in online contextual advertising.

Chris joined CultureIQ because he believes we are uniquely positioned to enhance how companies use data and insights to change their cultures for the better. He is committed to helping our engineering organization scale as the company evolves, maintaining the best of the existing culture while evolving a new one.

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