Diane Daum

"Culture is important because whether or not an organizations’ members are consciously aware of its culture, it says a lot about who they are and what they value or have valued in the past. Being able to bring to light what that culture is and to help to shape and change it is a powerful thing."

Diane Daum

Principal Strategist

Diane Daum, Ph.D. leads CultureIQ’s Data Science and Analytics function, where she sets the benchmarking strategy and has played a key role in developing our text analytics offering to maximize the value of qualitative data.

Throughout her career, Dr. Daum’s work has focused on applying measurement and statistical techniques to assess and track organizational performance in key areas related to HR, identify organizational risks, understand program usage and impact, and inform organizational policy. Though much of her emphasis has been on organizational culture and employee engagement, Diane has applied her measurement expertise across a range of topics including diversity, recruiting, mentoring, merger integration, aging workforce, individual performance, turnover, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prior to joining CultureIQ in 2011, Dr. Daum led the Advanced Analytics function within Wells Fargo’s HR Metrics and Insights group. She previously held roles at TIAA-CREF, where she led research related to service quality and customer loyalty, and at Personnel Research Associates, Inc. where she led a team of Consultants and Project Managers in delivering organizational surveys and related services to large, multinational organizations in a variety of industries.

Dr. Daum holds a Ph.D. degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Bowling Green State University. She is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the American Psychological Association. She has co-authored a number of conference presentations related to the topic of organizational surveys and is the coauthor of a chapter on employee preferences in the book, Employee Surveys and Sensing, published in April 2020.

Articles, Essays and Other Work

2020 Global Workplace Culture Survey & Report, U.S. Edition, which showed that COVID-19 had a tremendous effect on employee perceptions of U.S. workplace culture. Co-authored with Paul Mastrangelo.

Recruiter.com, article, May 2020, “Poll Reveals What Business Leaders Must Do Before Lockdowns End,” based on the GWCS survey results. Co-authored with Paul Mastrangelo.

Article, “Not So Fast: Can AI really predict when an employee will quit?” A 2019 article examining a Harvard Business Review report by the algorithm creators who claim their work shows “that by using big data, firms can track indicators of turnover propensity and identify employees who may be at an  elevated risk of leaving the organization.”

Daum, D.L. & Stoll, J.A. (2020).  Employee Preferences: Why They Matter and How to Measure Them.  In W. Macey & A. Fink (Eds) Employee Surveys and Sensing – The SIOP Professional Practice Series. New York: Oxford University Press.  

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