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Scott Young

Managing Director

Scott Young, PhD, is Managing Director of Culture Solutions at CultureIQ. Scott has 20 years of experience consulting with senior executives and talent management professionals to help some of the world’s leading companies measure and improve their culture and workforce engagement.

During his tenure at CultureIQ, and its predecessor, CEB, Scott has managed global employee survey processes for multiple Fortune 100 clients and consulted with many clients in all project phases, including survey content development, data analysis, feedback and action planning, and executive presentations. He has used a variety of data analytic techniques to determine the appropriate structure and content of employee opinion surveys and to develop causal models of employee engagement, job satisfaction, and turnover.

Scott also has conducted studies using employee survey data to predict individual turnover and group-level turnover as well as customer satisfaction. Additionally, he oversees CultureIQ’s U.S. and global employee survey benchmark projects, including research demonstrating the relationship between employees’ perceptions of customer service practices and company-level outcomes such as customer satisfaction and firm profitability.

Scott is a published author on topics such as employee engagement, organizational climate and culture, trust, and customer service climate, and is a co-author of Employee Engagement: Tools for Analysis, Practice, and Competitive Advantage, published by Wiley-Blackwell. He completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Economics at Ripon College, and earned a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Northern Illinois University.

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