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A Culture Q&A With Our Company Culture Experts

Culture can impact every corner of your business, from employee engagement to business results. But organizational leaders often struggle to measure, manage, and strengthen their own cultures. Why? To start, fewer than 28% report that they understand their organization’s culture, and only 12% of leaders believe their companies drive the ‘right culture.’

Here at CultureIQ, we’re committed to helping organizations and their leaders strengthen company culture. And there’s a lot to cover! So to close out the year, CultureIQ culture strategist Rea Abrahams held a webinar with a few trusted culture experts. We all gathered around the metaphorical fireplace to walk through your submitted questions on company culture.

You can watch the hour-long webinar here.


Our panel of company culture experts included:

Chris Williams

Managing Director at Root, Inc, a creative consultancy helping organizations face strategic change, onboarding, and culture transformation.

Brandon Smith

A speaker, writer, executive coach, and professor focused on eliminating workplace dysfunction. Brandon writes about culture and workplace health on this blog, The Workplace Therapist.

Tania Luna

A partner at LifeLabs, which specializes in trainings for companies going through rapid growth. Tania is also the author of ‘Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable & Engineer the Unexpected.’

Robin Zander

A consultant, event organizer, and cafe owner working with individuals and organizations to maximize their potential. Robin is also the author of ‘Responsive: What it Takes to Create a Thriving Organization.’


Over the course of the hour-long webinar, we answered the below questions:

  • How can we maintain, grow, and improve our culture as our company continues to grow?
  • During cultural change, how can we best manage the employees less willing to evolve?
  • What’s the best way to blend two cultures (or adopt one) during a merger or acquisition?
  • How do we motivate leaders to embody our company culture?
  • What will be the biggest cultural shifts in 2018 for companies to face?

Ready to learn the answers to these culture questions? Watch the webinar now!

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